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Sarkari Naukri Government jobsSarkari naukri Government jobs situation ranges from fourth grade to officer level in india. The number of vacant posts of any Sarkari department is in the tenth digit and the applications come in lakhs .people aware all the latest govt jobs daily

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Sarkari naukri Government jobs summary


The number of vacant posts of any Sarkari department is in the tenth digit and the applications come in lakhs. This situation ranges from fourth grade to officer level. Those who apply for the post of clerk in any Sarkari department, MBA, BE degree holder also remain.

These are the figures of a city. At the national level, Government jobs in india can be further increased. Can it be assumed that those applicants who have not been given the exams will have got a job somewhere else. Have the disillusioned youths with Sarkari naukri?

If we find out the reasons, one thing that appears in front is corruption. Corruption in every area of ​​the country has now also made space in jobs. ‘Transaction’ is now being made the way for any Sarkari naukri.

For example, in the National Defense Academy (NDA), the highlighted recruitment scam case can be taken. Officers and brokers in the ND who prepared the jawans to protect the country, took bribe to recruit staff like cook, gardener, laboratory, reading assistant, lower class clerk.

Sarkari naukri Government jobs is achivement not easy

This episode in the country’s largest institution indicates that the ‘transaction’ works. The young man who qualifies for the job, but he fails in the examination of ‘transaction’. Rapidly growing corporate culture can also be considered as the reason for reducing Sarkari naukri attraction.

Large corporates companies provide all the facilities with good salary, which are in any Sarkari naukri. Secondly, the company keeps those young people on their jobs, right on the criteria they make. The company does not have anything to do with bribe and recommendation.

The Sarkar should pay attention to the transparency of recruitment process in Sarkari naukri. With transparency in recruitment process, recruitment of eligible youth will be possible in these posts. Youth will also be honest with their work.

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Process of Sarkari naukri Government jobs

There will no longer be an interview in appointment to various posts of Central Sarkari Ministries and Public Sector Undertakings. Department of Personnel and Training issued an order to remove interviews with the process of appointment on lower-level posts on Tuesday.

In this year, PM Narendra Modi had announced the end of the interview in his ‘Mann Ki Baat’ program in Group B (Non Gazetted), and similarly appointed posts. That is, now only will be interviews for Group A and B (Gazetted) posts.

According to the order of the Department of Personnel, the Ministry can maintain physical or skill test according to their own assessment process. However, it is mandatory to pass only in these tests. Based on the number of these test candidates, the overall evaluation of the candidate will not be done.

It has been said in the order sent to all ministries that the period of termination of interviews should be followed strictly till December 31, 2015. From January 1, 2016, there will be no interview for appointment on lower level posts.

It has been said that in the future recruitment process of employment advertisement should not be mentioned in the interview. 

If a ministry or department wants to continue the interview for recruitment to a particular post, then it will have to send it to the Department of Personnel and Training with the approval of the minister in charge of a detailed proposal in this regard.

In this regard, the Ministry of Personnel has sought the report from all the ministries and departments till January 7. It has been said in the order that in the letter to be sent for the post for which the demand for continuation of interview will be given, detailed information about the name of the post and their number etc. 

Similarly, the Department of Public Enterprises has told all the ministries that they have asked to adopt the same process for appointment to non executive (non-executive) positions in the undertakings under their sub-offices.
Under the Central goverment,

the Gazetted posts of Group A and B will be completed and all interviews will be completed in all jobs. I.e. there will be no interview for the posts of Group C, B (Non Gazetted). These posts are the most recruited under the central govt.

Skill test for sarkari Naukri Government jobs

Ministry of Personnel and Training has said in its order that if required, the Ministry and Department can take physical or skill test for various posts, but only in these tests will it be mandatory to pass. The number of these tests will not be the basis for selection

Why government job is better in india

 The working hours in government jobs are also less than the private jobs. There is no strict rule of coming dot on time and leaving at right time. But many employees most of the times tend to misuse this opportunity. 

In private sector strictness in timing are observed. Every private organization has different ways of dealing with this. Some give the relaxation of 15 mins and in some organizations employee can come to the office late for some particular number of days and if he or she continues to come late there is a penalty for the same.

 Government jobs have more job security than the private sector. In private sector lay offs are common to see especially during  the times of economic recession. Whereas government jobs in India is not subjected to any type of layoffs because of recession.

 If you have the capability you can reach at higher levels like Magistrate, Dean or Registrar. At such higher posts there are other benefits for easy and luxury life.

 Many retirement benefits like pension plan, PF and other retirement schemes are associated with government jobs in India which are not observed in private sector.

Job security and peace of mind exists in government job.

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Sarkari Nuakri Government jobs Disadvantages in India

Government job are less career opportunities and growth in sector job. Many people join at one post and retire from the same post after working for 30 to 40 years or more than that in their carrer.

The pay scales in government jobs are less than the private sector. If you are a fresher and got government job then you salary will be less compared to the one who has joined private sector.

Less creativity and sincerity towards work has been seen in government jobs in India that makes the job very boring and mundane.

Less incentives and increments are associated with government jobs in India.
Government jobs are less challenging than the private jobs.


What is latest govt jobs

latest govt jobs is that which is outstanding on the day and month.latest govt jobs is update to the person all latest govt jobs in this week and this month.
latest govt jobs offer an opportunity to turn your aspirations into reality. 

If you aspire to work in the mainstream and be a part of the nation’s economic development, a job in the Government Sector may be the best option for you. Every year a number of job opportunities become available in the Government Sector.

Lakhs of vacancies are expected to be created this year also, encompassing important sectors like Banking, Railways, Insurance, Civil Services, Medical, Media and many more. Educational qualifications for these jobs vary from Intermediate to Post Graduate. 

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